This page and subsequent pages will be an ongoing project. We will be adding more of April's artwork as it becomes available. Unless otherwise noted, these images represent works by Apri Lawton that were hand painted using oil and canvas. They were NOT digitally produced! Please contact the webmaster if you would like to contribute any Artwork of April Lawton.

Alternate Earth by April Lawton

Alternate Earth by April Lawton Another earth-like planet sits majestically somewhere out there in the peaceful blanket of space.

Small (400 x 639)
Large (720 x 1149)
Supersized (1581 x 2524)

Andrewsarchus by April Lawton

Andrewsarchus by April Lawton Andrewsarchus mongoliensis is an extinct mammal that lived during the Eocene epoch, roughly between 45 and 36 million years ago. It had a long snout with large, sharp teeth and flat cheek teeth that may have been used to crush bones. Because Andrewsarchus is only known from a single skull, whether it was an active preditor or a large scanvenger is open to debate, as is its exact time range. - from Wikipedia

Small (400 x 624)
Large (720 x 1123)
Supersized (1637 x 2554)

Asteroid Hit by April Lawton

Asteroid Hit by April Lawton An asteroid strikes the moon (notice one of our moon bases nearby) while a beautiful partially eclipsed Earth looks on.
I recommend checking out the supersized picture to appreciate the fire streaking in the explosion.

Small 400 x 560)
Large (720 x 1009)
Supersized (1881 x 2635)

Big Bird by April Lawton

Prehistoric Trilobites by April Lawton A big bird of prehistoric proportions runs freely under a beautifully clouded sky.

Small (400 x 625)
Large (720 x 1124)
Supersized (1677 x 2619)

Bison with Early Man by April Lawton

Bison with Early Man by April Lawton Early bison are herded by an early man.

Small (600 x 465)
Large (900 x 698)
Supersized (2649 x 2053)

Cave Bear by April Lawton

Cave Bear by April Lawton This amazing painting seems to show the moment of a surprise meeting between a cave bear and a man.

Small (400 x 632)
Large (720 x 1138)
Supersized (1684 x 2661)

Comet Chaser by April Lawton

Comet Chaser by April Lawton A space ship gives chase after a comet as it crosses the planet Jupitor.

Small (600 x 415)
Large (900 x 623)
Supersized (2657 x 1839)

Cranapple by April Lawton

Cranapple by April Lawton An incredibly realistic painting of a leading brand cranapple drink.

Small (600 x 641)
Large (900 x 961)
Supersized (2147 x 2293)

Cro Mag Man by April Lawton

Cro Mag Man by April Lawton Cro-Magnon Man shows us a fish he just caught as he is reflected in the calm water.

Small (400 x 624)
Large (720 x 1123)
Supersized (1167 x 2601)

Croc-Dino by April Lawton

Croc-Dino by April Lawton A prehistoric crocodile gets the jump on a small dinosaur who ventured too close to the water.

Small 400 x 546)
Large (720 x 983)
Supersized (2073 x 2829)

Dunkleosteus by April Lawton

Desert Planet by April Lawton Dunkleosteus (from "[David] Dunkle" + osteus (Greek: Bone) is genus of prehistoric fish existing during the Late Devonian period, about 380-360 million years ago. Some of the species, such as D. terrelli,D. marsaisi, and D. magnificus, are among the largest placoderms ever to have lived... - Wikipedia


Small (400 x 618)

Large (720 x 1113)
Supersized (1500 x 2318)

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